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Shipping Information

  • Spend $150 for FREE Standard Post
  • AusPost Regular PARCEL POST – $9.95
  • AusPost EXPRESS POST – $14.95

Dispatches are made from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 16:00.

It is hard to give you an exact price as this entirely depends on how heavy the package is. The more garments you order, the more the price varies. Materials also affect the end result as these have different weights; it will always cost more to transport a hoodie than a t-shirt, for example. Once you are ready to checkout, shipping costs will be calculated accurately. 


Trust us when we say that we do everything in our power to make sure all packages arrive on time. Unfortunately, there are still rare cases where unexpected issues with courier services may cause delays. As all freight is handled by our third party network of couriers, these delays are out of our control and therefore we can not be held liable.
In the unlikely event that a delay or lost package occurs, get in touch with our team and we will help bridge the communication between you and the responsible freight company in providing any details or further information needed to resolve the issue at hand.

Shipping Times

PLEASE NOTE: The below time frames are to be used as indicative only and not guaranteed. All deliveries are handled by third parties (Ie. Australia Post and courier networks). Fitprint holds no responsibility or blame in the event your package does not arrive ‘on time’. We will however always assist in providing any further information required by the responsible carrier, if need be, to rectify any freight issues.

For estimates to other locations within Australia please use Australia Post’s postage calculator.

CityStandard PostExpress Post
Brisbane2 business days1 business day
Sydney3 business days1 business day
Melbourne2 – 4 business days1 business day
Perth5 – 6 business days1 – 3 business days
Adelaide3 – 5 business days1 business day
Hobart3 – 5 business days1 business day
Canberra2 – 4 business days1 business day
Darwin 4 – 6 business days2 – 3 business days
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